CTeenBecomes Shluchim’s Fast Favorite

CTeen’s meteoric rise in popularity is the stuff of legend. The Brooklyn-basedorganization, with chapters across the country, has become the fastest growingJewish teen club. Registration for the upcoming year is up by more than fifty percent.

“Shluchimspoke; we listened,” says Rabbi Mendel Perlstein, CTeen’s director. “ We’ve implemented numerous changes and made drastic improvements to our program basedon the feedback received from Shluchim.”

Among the changes are the highly flexible program guides, with Shluchim being able tochoose from monthly, bi monthly or weekly programs, in addition to beingoffered in depth packages for teens already more knowledgeable about Judaism. Says Rabbi Perlstein, “Whatever your Chabad House style, we’ve worked hard toensure there is a package that suits your needs.”

Rabbi Hillel Scop’s Chabad of Mill Valley, CA, is one of dozens of new CTeen chapters.“Joining CTeen was a no-brainer,” he says. “Their resources are phenomenal.”Having worked with youth and teens for more than ten years, Scop says CTeen provides ready-made materials and programs he would never have time to createon his own.

Rabbi Chaim Ozer Metal of Los Vegas concurs. “I’m often caught up in arranging so manyother programs. Having the material prepared in advance with access to fun andmeaningful Shabbatons and events allows me the time and freedom to properly manage many more Chabad activities.”

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch says the global network is a keycomponent to the club’s success. “It’s imperative for the youngsters to feelconnected to their peers in other areas of the country. Their interaction with fellow Jewish teens at the regional events is both beautiful to see and vitalin strengthening the wider Jewish community.”

CTeen’s famous Shabbatons earn high acclaim from Shluchim and teenagers alike. As Rabbi Metalattests, “My teens are eagerly awaiting the next national Shabbaton.” Theget-togethers help develop a sense of belonging and community, which areespecially important for kids who live in areas with minimal Jewish activity.

“There are nosuch teen clubs in my area,” says Scop. “Parents have already expressedexcitement before our first session has even begun.” Being part of a Bay Areacommunity where tremendous emphasis is placed on social activism, Scop saysCTeen strike a perfect balance:

“Teens are able to enjoy andlearn about their Judaism, while at the same time be part of communal projects.This unique blend is appealing to both teens and parents alike, and has alreadyhelped draw people to our Chabad House.”

CTeen – TheChabad Teen Network – is a division of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch’s Suite 302,dedicated to building and growing a worldwide Jewish teen network with roots inevery Chabad House. CTeen delivers systemized programming, flexible solutions,and professional resources, to help Shluchim establish a thriving teen club intheir community. The power of Jewish youth is unleashed in the vast and powerfulCTeen network. Tap into the energy at www.cteen.com.

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