CTeen Takes Leadership to Next Level

CTeen is gearing up for its 5th Annual CTeen Leadership Retreat and Kinus. The refreshing getaway for shluchim and teens will take place from 8th-11th of Tammuz, at the Bushkill Inn in Bushkill, PA.

“The CTeen retreat gave me the opportunity to connect with other leaders from all over the country,” shared Sara Weiss from Skokie, Illinois. “The lectures, activities and even the meals, gave me the opportunity to enhance my understanding of Judaism and how to improve myself as a leader.”

The retreat will offer an enriching three-day program, including team-building workshops, seminars, and activities led by fellow leaders, shluchim, and educators. Leaders sit in on a range of workshops focusing on mental health awareness, dealing with different personalities, managing time wisely, and solidifying their leadership identity.

This year’s speaker line up will be one for the record books. Teens will be treated to workshops with Rabbi and Mrs. Rosie Weinstein of Bucks County, PA, Rabbi Yarden Blumstein of West Bloomfield, MI, Rabbi and Miri Gourarie, Chabad at Penn State University, representatives of Stand With Us, and more.

Teen participants will be arriving from California, Florida, New Jersey, and for the first time this year, from the UK as well. The weekend will offer them a chance to connect, network, and build stronger bonds with each other.

“Watching the teens grow and challenge themselves over the weekend is always inspiring and refreshing,” shared Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of CTeen.

This year’s theme, chosen by CTeen alumni, is ”דע מאין באת, ולאן אתה הולך – know where you came from, and where you are going.”

“The Rebbe spoke a lot about how youth have all this passion, energy, and fire inside them ready to change the world – they just need some direction,” said Risa Mond, Director of the Retreat and the Intl. Leadership Program. “I see it first hand every day. Our focus will be to inspire and empower them to come home and make a real, tangible difference.”

“When we successfully inspire the youth, they will not suffice with personal Torah observance, but—due to their fierce indomitable spirit – they will also inspire others to do the same. They will be an unstoppable force…” Toras Menachem 5728 3:131

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