CTeen Shabbaton Security Meeting

CTeen Shabbaton Security Meeting

CTeen Headquarters held a security meeting with several precincts of the New York Police Department, including 77th, 71st, Brooklyn South, and Transit, ahead of the 15th annual CTeen Shabbaton taking place in Crown Heights this weekend.

The meeting was held to ensure the safety and security of the 3,000 teens who will be attending the event from 54 countries and six continents, making it the largest CTeen Shabbaton ever. With a focus on safety, the meeting was designed to ensure that the CTeen Shabbaton is an enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance.
“Security is always our highest priority. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in attendance feels safe on every corner of Crown Heights and throughout New York City,” said Rabbi Mendel Kotlarsky, who sits on the CTeen Executive committee. “Safety is the key element in ensuring that the teens have the meaningful experience that this Shabbaton is all about.”

The CTeen Shabbaton is set to feature an inspiring weekend filled with a range of activities, including the annual CTeen Jewish pride takeover of Times Square on Motzai Shabbos. As this year is a Hakhel year, it is expected to be a truly unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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