CTeen Goes South of the Border

CTeen’s second annual Winter Camp recently completed a lively and engaging five-day camp for boys in S. Paulo, Brazil.  The program, which was overseen by Merkos’ Spanish took place over five days. The thirty-two teens—most of whom arrived from Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina—were treated to some of Brazil’s best and most exciting locations in true CTeen manner with chayus and inspiration.

Within the fun and adventure, camp also offered an opportunity for the teens to take part in a Jewish environment and experience Yiddishkeit on a new level. Torah classes were offered each morning, as well as spirited farbrengen that lasted throughout the night.

“This year’s camp experience went far above and beyond expectations,” shared Rabbi Chai Kohan, director of CTeen Espanol and Merkos’ Spanish division. “Seeing as this was our second year running the camp, we wanted to make sure to offer the teens an even better and more meaningful experience than before.”

Teens also had the opportunity to engage with the local Jewish community of S. Paulo by visiting the Hebraica, a local Jewish Federation that hosted them for a night of fun and entertainment.

“At camp, I learned about Torah and mitzvot in a whole new way,” shared Benjamin Rodriguez from Barranquilla, Colombia. “The Rabbis and counselors in told stories and facts that reflect the importance of mitzvot that are very interesting and brings you closer to Judaism. It was great to learn and experience a new side of my Jewish identity. I really hope that I’ll be able to have a similar experience at another CTeen camp in the future.”

CTeen would like to thank Rabbi Dovid Weitman, Rabbi Berel Weitman, Marcia Eliezer, Rabbi Dovid Lancry, Rabbi Meir Plotka,Rabbi Yechezkel Kostzer, Rabbi Daniel Maleh, Mendy Begun, Yossi Garbachnik, and Mendy Eliezer for their hard work, effort, and dedication to this year’s camp.

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