Conversations: Free to be Jewish

On Sunday, December 5th – 28th Kislev, Torah Café will be airing its 6th webcast, entitled “Conversations: Free to be Jewish.” The webcast will be moderated by Baila Olidort, editor-in-chief of, and will feature remarks from Alan M. Dershowitz, Dr. Malcolm Hoenlein, and Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet of London.

Chanukah celebrates the miracle of Jewish endurance.  What started as the battle cry of a small band of brothers has since captured the imagination of billions: the simple idea that one should be free to practice their faith without fear of persecution. The message of the Maccabees resonates until today wherever freedom is treasured.

Greetings will also be heard from Rabbi Yehoshua Laufer of Chabad of Rhode Island and Rabbi Mordechai Eskovitz of the Touro Synangogue. Built in 1763, it is the oldest standing synagogue in the United States. President J.F. Kennedy once said “No better tradition exists than… Touro Synagogue’s great contribution to the goals of freedom and justice for all.”

The remarks and greetings will focus on the theme of Chanukah and how it echoes our great American tradition of freedom.

Join us as thousands across the globe tune in to to become part of the conversation about the blessings of Jewish life today, and the proactive means we can take toward a more promising future.

“Conversations: Free to be Jewish” will be hosted exclusively on www.TorahCafé.com.


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