Community Brunch-a-Thon Brings Pledges and Shana Tovah Greetings

After spending hours on the phone painstakingly calling each and every name on his mailings list in an attempt to procure pledges for Rosh Hashana donations, Rabbi Shmuel Novack of Jacksonville, FL came up with a most innovative brainstorm.

“Why not recruit community members to make the calls?” he says. “I publish a yearly community calendar with four other shluchim from nearby communities, so we put together a spread of bagels and lox and had a group of volunteers from the community come together and go through our mailing list. Those who pledge a Rosh Hashana donation were able to have their name listed on our calendar among those wishing our community a Shana Tovah.

“In one afternoon, we got more pledges than I had accumulated over many days worth of effort and endless phone calls last year. The volunteers got their friends to donate; they were excited and happy to be part of this project,” explains Rabbi Novack.

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