Colorado Shabbaton: “Best Shabbos of my Life”

Children of participating Shluchim at the Western regional Kinus this past Shabbos enjoyed a special program just for them, arranged by MyShliach of Chabad House HQ (merkos suite 302) in conjunction with Chabad of Colorado. The program was just what the boys need to increase their pride and confidence, and give the young Shluchim a boost of Chassidishkeit.

The program consisted of chayusdike davening, animated Shabbos meals replete with camp songs and niggunim, learning sessions, and long hours of meaningful farbrengens. Motzei Shabbos featured a pizza and ice cream party, along with a Chinese Auction with prizes ranging from seforim and Rebbe pictures, to video cameras and iPod shuffles.

“Throughout Shabbos there was a tremendous feeling of excitement and achdus,” says Yossi Denburg, who together with fellow 770 bochur Dovid Kotlarsky, gave their time to fly down … and run the program.  “The results of the farbrengens are incredible. Each of the young Shluchim made hachlotos and formed or strengthened real friendships with each other.”

“It was a joy to see these young boys farbrenging together with Chassidishe friends,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. “Meeting up with fellow Yaldei HaShluchim gives them a strong sense of pride, and gived them greater chayus when returning to their makom hashlichus.”

The Western conference, which attracted Shluchim from many remote areas including Iowa, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Alaska, took place in the beautiful surrounds of Denver, CO. The hosts, the Engel and Wilhelm families, worked hand in hand with Merkos to ensure both the adult Kinus and the MyShliach program achieved maximum success.

“This was the greatest Shabbos of my life,” said Levi, a nine year old participant. “It was cool to meet so many kids like me and have fun with them. I can’t wait to do it again.”

“It’s our mission to assist Shluchim with their children’s chinuch in any way possible,” says Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz, MyShliach’s director. “We’re thrilled at the positive feedback we’ve already received, and we continue to add exciting events for the future.”

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