Chanukah Hakhel Event For Young Shluchim

Chanukah Hakhel Event For Young Shluchim

In Honor of Chanuka, MyShliach Chassidus Club is hosting a unique Hakhel event for Yaldei Hashluchim.

The weekly program from MyShliach that gives young Shluchim fun Chassidishe experiences is opening its doors to all Shluchim free of charge for a special Hakhel Chanukah event.

The two-hour virtual program will feature a Chanukah with the Rebbe presentation, a Menorah workshop led by Rabbi Levi Raskin, a DIY “gelt box,” and a Magic Show by George Saterial, a renowned magician, mentalist and award-winning entertainer.

The MyShliach Chassidus club is a weekly program for young Shluchim where they gather virtually every week for an interactive program that brings to life the fundamentals of being a Chossid. Centered around the “Chassidishe Parsha,” the energetic young teachers streaming live from Merkos 302 at Chabad Headquarters make sure the program is filled with engaging games, stories, art, and performances. The young Shluchim receive a weekly boost of inspiration and connection, giving them the energy to continue their Shlichus with dedication and joy.

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