Chabad on Campus Leaders Gather

Close to 200 Chabad on Campus shluchim and shluchos couples – together with their families – began arriving today at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stamford Connecticut for the annual Chabad on Campus Kinus. The four days conference consists of lectures, workshops, farbrengens, shiurim, relaxation and camaraderie for the parents, as well as full time camp for the children.

Workshops will take place on such varied topics as the yichudah lla’ah vs. yichudah tata’ah in campus shlichus, professional development, fundraising, how to survive on shlichus without family support, a first aid course, shlichus in isolated communities, and a krav maga training session. Speakers include Rabbis Berel Lazar, Simon Jacobson and Chaim Rapoport.

“The Chabad on Campus Kinus is a giant exercise of ahavas yisroel,” said Rabbi Yossy Gordon, Executive Vice President of Chabad on Campus International. “At the event, each shliach and shlucha has the opportunity to share knowledge about the area of their expertise with their colleagues. A shliach who has been active for even two years has a wealth of knowledge to offer his colleague who is just embarking on the rebbe’s mission; a veteran shlucha can share her own tips with the younger shluchos. This conference is an inspiring event and it’s always gratifying to see the hard work of our team pay off.”

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