Chabad of the Maritimes Brings Hands on Menorah Building Workshop to the Home Depot

Many branches of the Home Depot conduct workshops once every few weeks, providing materials and walking participants through the steps of constructing a chosen item from beginning to end.

Rabbi Mendel and Bassie Feldman, shluchim to Halifax, Nova Scotia, capitalized on this project and asked the Home Depot in their area to conduct a Menorah building workshop for children.

“The Home Depot provided everything,” Shlucha Bassie Feldman relates. “We pointed out which components make up a Kosher Menorah and showed them a variety of diagrams, and they put together their own design and packaged “Menorah Construction Kits” for every participant.”

Each child was provided with their own construction apron, small saw and Menorah Construction Kit, complete with wood, sandpaper, shellac, and whatever else was needed, and actively constructed their own Menorah, following the instructions and guidance of the Home Depot staff.

After building their Menorahs, participants enjoyed fresh latkes and hot chocolate.

“The Menorah building workshop was a big hit,” states Mrs. Feldman, whose program drew 50-60 participants, quite a large group for Halifax.

Mrs. Feldman cautions that being clear on the amount of people one is expecting is crucial for the program’s success. “The staff at the Home Depot needs to be able to be properly equipped with supplies, and most importantly, appropriate space, both of which are highly dependent on the amount of people who will be attending.”

Mrs. Bassie Feldman can be contacted at 902-457-6022.

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