Shluchim Inspired in Maryland

  Some 65 Shluchim from the Mid-Atlantic Region gathered Sunday, August 26, in Baltimore, Maryland, for a day of learning, inspiration and togetherness. The Shluchim…

Midwest Shluchim Gather in Detroit

Shluchim from the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan gathered in Detroit this past Shabbos and Sunday for the annual Midwest Regional Kinus.

The program started on Friday afternoon with a tour of the building site of the future mesivta and yeshiva building, led by Rabbi Berel Shemtov. Rabbi Shemtov, head shliach to Michigan and host of the Kinus, shared with visitors the magnificent Kidush Hashem that occurred the previous Sunday when the whole community came together for the groundbreaking. The new complex will be built on 4 acres of land on Ten Mile Road, near the other yeshivos in town.

Shluchim joined the mesivta for their seder limud and seder nigunim before Kabbolas Shabbos and Maariv, which was led by Shliach Rabbi Mendel Moscowitz from Chicago.

The Shabbos meal naturally turned into a farbrengen that went on until the early hours of the morning.

Lay Leadership Empowered

For more than half a century, Chabad-Lubavitch shluchim have partnered with their respective lay leaders to form an unshakable bond for the benefit of world…

Shliach, Need Sleep?

In light of the demand, and due to the success at last year’s Kinus, the Kinus Office in conjunction with the Vaad Hatimimim, has once…
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