Bringing the Kinus to the Shluchim

Bringing the Kinus to the Shluchim

Preparations for this year’s Kinus are well underway. While many things will be different this year, the Vaad Hakinus is hard at work ensuring that this year’s Kinus will be a meaningful and memorable one. With Shluchim unable to fly in for the usual program-packed weekend, alternatives are being arranged to recreate the Kinus experience in every way possible.

The primary goal of the Vaad Hakinus is to retain as much of the famously electric kinus energy as is possible under the circumstances. To that end, over 5,000 packages complete with Kinus paraphernalia are being shipped to the Shluchim. This year’s adapted version of the classic registration package will help Shluchim feel the atmosphere of the Kinus right at home in their Makom Hashlichus. It will also invoke fond memories of the kinusim they were fortunate to attend in previous years.

Included in the shipment are the trademark kinus bag and kinus badge as well as some farbrengen resources among other things. Of course the Kinus packets are just the beginning of the immaculate planning that will result in a spectacular, memorable and inspirational Kinus Hashluchim 5781.

“We want shluchim to experience as many components of the kinus as possible so that the usual refuel that the kinus represents to so many can still be achieved,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, the chairman of the Kinus and vice chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. “Safety permitting, the Vaad Hakinus is encouraging Shluchim to make micro-kinusim in their own locales. Connecting, uplifting, collaborating and reminiscing are such key components to the kinus experience. The hope is that having safe, local, small- scale gatherings will help compensate for this vital element of the International Kinus.”

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