Beis Medrash for Advanced Contemporary Halacha

Registration for 5781 is open!

This online course of advanced contemporary halacha study is intended for anash, temimim, rabbonim and shluchim who have already completed semicha, as per the directive of the Rebbe, and feel the need to broaden their knowledge in areas of halacha that are vital in the present time.

The one-year course will include a series of online shiurim from Rabbi Faitel Levin, author of the three-volume index Hamafteach Hagadol, and a Rav for over thirty years in Australia.

The immersive shiurim will cover areas spanning all four sections of Shulchan Aruch, with special emphasis on subjects that are relevant in daily practice of a rov and shliach.

Standard semicha learning helps one gain knowledge of the Shulchan Aruch and commentaries, but generally doesn’t touch upon the new questions of our times. It also doesn’t include the rich halachic material found in the shaalos uteshuvos of contemporary poskim, which is vital for being able to ascertain the halacha in modern-day cases that are constantly developing due to  technological advances.

As chassidim and shluchim, who come in contact with the greater world and the modern-day challenges of the rapidly advancing scientific and medical fields, it is imperative to know the Torah’s approach and the clear halacha on every issue, based on the rulings of the rishonim and acharonim and the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch, up until the gedolei haposkim in recent times.

This course will cover the entire spectrum of contemporary halacha and the major halachic issues that face the Jewish world today. From intermarriage to suicide; from interest to internet; from divorces to the laws of a shul; from autopsies to abortions; from conversions to mamzerus; from electronics to euthanasia; from fertility issues to officiating at a wedding.

The course will be divided into the following general modules: (1) Life Cycle, (2) Electricity and Technology, (3) Halachos of the Shul, (4) Contemporary Even Ha’ezer and Choshen Mishpat, (5) The Role of Women in Yiddishkeit, and (6) Medical Halacha.

Participants will be provided with a detailed syllabus of teshuvos to study corresponding to the current module.

There will typically be two weekly online shiurim given by Rabbi Feitel Levin, which will also include information on the scientific and factual aspects of the halachos discussed.

The shiurim will be accompanied by clear PowerPoint presentations, which will make the study relevant and interesting.

Students will have the ability to ask questions, chat with Rabbi Levin, and discuss their learning with him. A detailed exam will follow the conclusion of each module (with a total of 6 exams).

ועוד ענין בזה:
בעקבות חידוש והתפתחות הטכניקה בשנים האחרונות — נתעוררו כו”כ שאלות חדשות בעניני הלכה למעשה, שלא היו בדורות שלפנינו. ומובן, שכדי לפסוק הלכה בענינים כאלו — צריכים לדעת תחילה את אופן הפעולה של אותו מכשיר מסויים (וכיו׳׳ב) שאודותיו מתעוררת השאלה, ורק אז יכולים לגשת לפסק־ההלכה.י וע”ד שאמר רב, “י”ח חדשים גדלתי אצל רועה בהמה כדי לדעת איזה מום קבוע ואיזה מום עובר”. והגע עצמך: לאחרי שהי’ רב בדרגת גדול בתורה, ראש־ישיבה וכו’ — “הקדיש מזמנו ועיסוקיו כ”ראש־ישיבה”, והלך לשהות במחיצתו של “רועה בהמה” במשך י”ח חודש, כדי שיהי’ “בקי במומי”!

ומזה מובן גם בעניננו, שכדי לפסוק בענינים הקשורים עם התפתחות הטכניקה — יש ללמוד ולדעת את כל מה שקשור לאופן פעולתו של המכשיר וכיו”ב.
(משיחת ש”פ נשא תשמ”ה)

The program offers three streams:


תורתו אומנותו

שונה הלכות

אליבא דהלכתא

Access to Shiurim

Test on Shiurim


Access to Tshuvos Textbook

Printed Tshuvos Textbook


Test on Tshuvos


Estimated time needed a week

Full nigleh seder

6-8 hours

3-4 hours


$3450 3950 

$2950 3450 $2750 3250

Partial scholarships are available. Payment is due with registration. Payment plans can be arranged to pay in 10 installments throughout the year.

If you are a Shliach please continue here.

Certification At the conclusion of the academic year, successful students in each stream will receive a certificate appropriate for the stream they undertook.

Registration & Schedule: The course will begin, b’ezras Hashem, on Monday 8 Cheshvan 5781 (October 26, 2020), and will continue until Sunday 24 Tamuz 5781 (July 4, 2021).
Orientation week, including final enrollment, will be from 25 Tishrei (Oct. 13) until 4 Cheshvan (Oct. 22).

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours a week must I devote to this study program?

Participation in the אליבא דהלכתא stream can require as little as 3-4 hours a week. If you choose to do the שונה הלכות stream, you will need approximately another hour or two to learn the tshuvos, at your own pace. The modules include a few concluding weeks without shiurim, which are allocated as time for chazarah. However, if you want to have the full experience and would like to participate in the תורתו אומנותו stream, you will need around five hours a day (five days a week), to study the relevant teshuvos in depth, listen to the shiurim, and review all the above for the exams. תורתו אומנותו is an intense curriculum that requires diligence and time. It is also the most rewarding in terms of the study itself and the knowledge you will attain that can be applied to your rabbonus and/or shlichus.

How do I know if this program is for me?

If you are serious about learning and want to gain a thorough understanding of contemporary halacha, or if you plan on becoming a shliach or rov and would like to be able to personally address the issues that will consistently face you, this program is for you. (Naturally, if you are a student in a yeshiva or kollel, permission must be received from the faculty before joining.)

How do I find out about the new shiurim?

You will receive email notifications each time a new shiur will be posted. All participants will have access to an online system where all new shiurim will be uploaded.

For how long will the shiurim stay online?

All shiurim will be available on the website throughout the duration of the current module, and will be removed after the test.

How do I communicate with other participants and Rabbi Levin?

All participants will be able to join the Whatsapp groups where the current topics will be discussed. Rabbi Levin will be present as well. If necessary or if it will be more comfortable for you, Rabbi Levin can be emailed at his personal address.

What type of certification will I receive at the end?

Whichever stream you choose, the certification will attest to considerable knowledge across a wide range of areas of contemporary halacha, none of them commonly covered in semicha. Depending on the stream you choose, it will attest to the depth of your knowledge. If you participate in the תורתו אומנותו stream, your certificate will also attest to your ability to reach for, open up, and successfully learn from the shaalos uteshuvos of contemporary poskim (in addition to Gemara, Tur, Beis Yosef, Shulchan Aruch and commentaries, as in semicha).

How much preparation is needed for the shiurim?

No preparation is needed for the shiurim. However, those who study the teshuvos curriculum will have a deeper understanding of the shiurim, as they will be studying all of the related texts.

I am very interested in this program. What types of scholarships are available?

Scholarships are available. Please email us the details of your work and financial situation and how much you can afford to pay, and we will try to accommodate your situation to the best of our ability. Please be very forthcoming and honest, and be assured that the information will remain completely confidential. Email your details to

I would love to participate in the full program; however, I don’t have adequate time to study, revise and complete the tests in one year. Can I enroll in the תורתו אומנותו stream and complete it over the course of multiple years?

Yes, we offer this possibility, in which you would be able, bez”h, to complete the course over a two- or even three-year period. Ideally, you should take the tests at the time they are scheduled in each particular year. You would do a few tests one year during the set dates, and the remaining tests the following year during the set days for those tests. Other special arrangements can be made if necessary by contacting Rabbi Levin.

About the Teacher Rabbi Faitel Levin is considered one of the greatest authorities on Jewish law today, with special expertise in science, medicine, technology and contemporary communal issues. Rabbi Levin has served as head of the renowned Gutnick Rabbinical Ordination Center in Melbourne for eighteen years, educating and ordaining hundreds of students who went on to serve as rabbis across the globe. Rabbi Levin is the author of the highly popular three-volume index Hamafteach Hagadol on topical issues in halacha, and many other works and articles. He has lectured at many major rabbinic and medical conferences.

Who can I contact about the program?

Please send an email to: All communication will be answered by our administration, and will be treated with full confidentiality. It will be discussed only with the minimum number of people in our organization required to provide you with the correct answer. If you need to communicate directly with Rabbi Feitel Levin, please email:  

Calendar and Partial listing of the modules and subjects to be covered

Calendar and Partial listing of the modules and subjects to be covered
Tshuvos Curriculum Shiurim Curriculum
מעגל החיים
ח’ חשון – כ”א כסלו
הריון, לידה, מילה, נתינת שם, פדיון הבן, פעוטים וילדים, שידוכין, סידור קידושין, כתיבת כתובה, שמחות: פטירה, הלוויה, קבורה, שבעה, שלושים יוחסין, בית ספר בימינו, נישואין אזרחיים, פורשים מדרכי הציבור, מאבד עצמו לדעת, סידור חו”ק, מרחק בהלכה בימינו
חשמל וטכנולוגיה
כ”ו כסלו – י”א שבט
חשמל ואלקטרוניקה ידיעה בסיסית בחשמל, חשמל ואלקטרוניקה, כפתור חשמלי ושעון שבת, מקרר בשבת, מכשירי תאורה, הפעלת מכשירים אלקטרוניים בשבת, על ידי: קול, כובד, נוכחות, חיישנים – Electronic sensors, פעילות הנעשית באינטרנט, משלוח הודעות במכשירים אלקטרוניים
מקדש מעט
י”ד שבט – ט”ו אדר
מיקום הבימה, מחיצה, חיובים וכיבודים, טעות בספר תורה, בר ובת מצוה, יחסים ושלום בין חברי הקהילה בניין בית הכנסת, חיובים, כיבודים, מיקרופון, כשרות האכו”ש המוגש בבית הכנסת,
נשי ובנות ישראל
כ’ אדר – ח’ ניסן
מעמד האשה בזמננו, לימוד התורה לנשים, קיום מצוות לנשים מצוות ולימוד התורה, עגונה, ממזרות, בירור יוחסין, נישואין וגירושין אזרחיים, הסכם קדם נישואין
אבן העזר וחושן משפט
ג’ אייר – י”ב סיון
גירות, גיטין, מכונת אמת, ריבית, בדיקת DNA, חברות ומניות דינא דמלכותא, גירות, ירושות נחלות וצוואות
מדע ורפואה
ט”ז סיון – ב’ מנ”א
ניתוחי מתים, השתלות, קביעת המות, הפלה, הפרייה מלאכותית, אותנזיה, רפואה בשבת ניתוחי מתים, תרומת איברים, השתלות מהחי, השתלות מהמת, השתלב לב, קביעת רגע המוות, הפלה, הפרייה מלאכותית, בדיקת אמהות, גנטיקה – genetics, תאי גזע – stem-cells, שיבוט – cloning, רפואה