Birthday Bash Increases Shul Attendance

With the “Pray and Play” youth program at the BACH Jewish Center of Long, Beach, New York, going to Shul on Shabbos is an exciting experience for every child in town. The highlight of the year, however, is when one gets to celebrate their Jewish birthday at the grand Birthday Bash that takes place once a month.

Exclusive to those who are celebrating their Jewish birthday during the coming month, the Birthday Bash includes a special davening service and a grand Kiddush celebration after davening. The room is decorated with balloons and celebratory effects, and the children are presented with beautifully designed Jewish birthday certificates and a large birthday cake with the names of all those celebrating their Jewish birthday that month.

Under the leadership of Rabbi and Mrs. Eli Goodman at Chabad of the Beaches, the youth minyan has really thrived with the additional excitement attributed to the monthly Birthday Bash.

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