Avtzon Brothers in Second Episode of the Brother’s Farbreng Series

Avtzon Brothers in Second Episode of the Brother’s Farbreng Series

Two brothers who are behind the latest curriculum of Tut Altz entitled “Transcend” will farbreng about various relevant topics gleaned from the newest segment of the Tut Altz campaign. The segment is closely connected to Yud Shevat and an appropriate preparation for the holy day.

The Farbrengen, which will touch upon “When Things Aren’t Black and White” and other related topics, is hosted by The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302.

Rabbi Levi Avtzon is Rabbi of Linksfield Shul in Johannesburg, South Africa, and author of the JLI “Transcend” curriculum.

Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon is director of Sichos In English and serves as both the concept developer of the curriculum and leader of the translation team of the sicha within.

The event is in loving memory of their legendary father, Rabbi Yona ben R’ Meir A”H Avtzon, whose third Yahrzeit falls out this week on the 3rd of Shevat.

Join and be gain insight on topics like:

When Things Aren’t Black and White

Can we transcend the politics, pandemics, and pessimism?

Is the Rebbe talking real-life talk or academics?

30 Years later: how are these ideas relevant?

Galus and Geulah redefined: attitudes and stages.

The inclusion-elitism dilemma.

Can life’s paradox be comfortable?

Don’t miss out!

Motzei Shabbos | 28 Teves | January 01 | 9:00 PM ET

Watch Live Stream at TutAltz.com/live

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