An Evening of Inspiration and Hiskashrus in Argentina

On Monday Chof Ches Sivan, June 15, a crowd of two thousand people, members of the Argentinian Jewish community, and their dignitaries, gathered at La Rural, one the most prominent exhibition center in South America, for an evening of inspiration and connection to the Rebbe.

The evening was a magical one, starting with a cocktail reception, live music and an exhibition of forty-six Batei Chabad and many other Chabad institutions.

The Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Patricio Fuchs, led the evening’s program. The crowd enjoyed heartwarming Niggunim sung by the Bochrim of the Argentinian Yeshiva; Menachem Feldman, Yosef New, Levi Backman, Mendy Thaler, Levi Shtroks, Schneur Kagen and David Shvartzman performed, accompanied by the local orchestra, all arranged by Zalmy Okunov.

Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt, Head Shliach and Director of Jabad Lubavitch Argentina addressed the crowd and urged them to strengthen their connection to the Rebbe, by reaching out and inspiring others, one Mitzvah at a time.

Every guest had the opportunity to write a PAN, and take on a Hachlata in honor of the auspicious day of Gimmel Tammuz.

In addition, the crowd was moved by a special video presentation “Suena Como Una Exageración” produced by ORT Argentina. It presented the story of how one Shliach in a small town was able to change the lives of countless people in communities around the world.

Argentina had the great honor of the presence of Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’lnyonei Chinuch. With his powerful, heartfelt words, he inspired the crowd by sharing personal encounters with the Rebbe and giving a glimpse into various other Shlichus work around the world. He relayed the message that one may not rest until every single Jew has been touched by the light of Yidishkeit.

During Rabbi Kotlarsky’s speech, Rabbi Natan Grunblatt, director of Editorial Kehot Lubavitch Sudamericana, simultaneously translated into Spanish for the native speakers.

Incredibly, communities from ten different countries participated in this powerful event via live web broadcast, facilitated by the Spanish Department of Merkos Suite 302.

The evening was no doubt a success, with guests leaving rejuvenated with the message of the Rebbe, to continue to plow on in their pathway of Yidishkeit and to share all that they can with others around them.
The event was organized and coordinated by TZACH and sponsored by many donors of the Batei Chabad and Chabad Lubavitch of Argentina, directed by Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt.

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