A perfect time for coming together

Finally, after years of dedicated service to young shluchos, MyShliach girls division will be hosting their first ever Appreciation Event for its girl mentors. Slated to take place on Sunday, Chof Hey Shevat – January 30th at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva hall at 9:30am, the event coincides with the International Conference of Shluchos when mothers and girls gather in Crown Heights.

The event will include a lavish breakfast made hot on the spot, presentations by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and a MyShliach parent, and personalized gifts for volunteers. Mothers of the young shluchos as well as mothers of mentors are invited to attend.

In addition to the Appreciation Event, MyShliach’s Chayolei Tzivos Hashem division will host a booth where shluchos will be able to register new children, pick up their child’s supplies and prizes, and get all their questions answered. The booth will be located in the first floor lobby of the Jewish Children’s Museum.

Hours for the booth are:

Wednesday:  5–9pm

Thursday: 1–5pm

Friday: 12:30-2pm @ the Shlichus Expo (Oholei Torah)

Sunday: 12:30–3pm

A comprehensive tutorial for the Chayolei Tzivos Hashem system will take place on Sunday at 1pm on the 2nd floor of the JCM with Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum.

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