A Live Unique Panel: “The Rebbe’s Seder”

A Live Unique Panel: “The Rebbe’s Seder”

The Beis Medrash L’Shluchim is proud to host tonight Thursday, 6 Nissan 9pm ET, “The Rebbe’s Seder”, a four-member panel of Chassidim that merited to attend the Rebbe’s Seder.

For many years, Rabbi Yisroel Shmotkin and Rabbi Leibel Schapiro were zioiche to be present from the beginning of the Seder. Rabbi Yosef Minkowitz, and Rabbi Shloma Zarchi would join during the Seder and witnessed many unique Hanhogos and moments.

For the first time, they will join together in a single panel to share the many different Hanhogos of the Rebbe before and during the seder. Rabbi Chaim S.Brook will be MC of the event.

Due to the obvious interest in the Rebbe’s Hanhogos bichlal and knowing how meticulous the Rebbe was with every nuance of the Seder, we are therefore proud to enable every person to have a glimpse into these most special times with the Rebbe.

This event is being organized by The Beis Medrash L’Shluchim, a divison of Merkos Suite 302.

For the live panel go to www.merkos302.com/seder


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