657 Merkos Shlichus Bochurim Arrived at 350 Locations

The last of the volunteer Merkos Shlichus bochurim are arriving at their Pesach seder locations. Since the beginning of the week, 657 bochurim have arrived at 350 places in every corner of the globe, where they will arrange sedarim for thousands of Jews, most of whom would otherwise not have attended a Pesach seder.

The bochurim left after participating in an intensive day of training in Crown Heights last week, where they learned from Rabbonim and experienced Shluchim how to conduct, cater and run a Kosher and engaging seder.

Among the speakers were Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Rabbi Chaim Shapiro, Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky and Rabbi Shneur Nejar. Many Halachic issues that may arise were addressed, as well common questions and queries asked of Merkos Shluchim. Speakers also shared motivating stories about Merkos Shlichus to inspire and invigorate through group before setting out on their tough but vital mission. 

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