52 Shluchim Need Your Help NOW!

The next 14 hours are critical for the revival of Yiddishkeit in 52 cities throughout Eastern Europe and you can make a difference.

Featured right now on charidy.com, these 52 cities are each home to a kollel, where 20 people learn and daven each day. Every dollar you donate within the next 14 hours will be quadrupled via matching donations and directly support Torah study and Jewish growth in Eastern Europe.

You can choose to donate to a specific kollel or have your donation dispersed amongst all 52 kollelim, giving you an unprecedented opportunity to play an active role in the Torah study of more than 1,000 people every day!

Click here to donate. Then post this link to your Facebook page, send it to your social media networks and watch the mitzvos multiply. It’s all or nothing and you can make the difference.

Click here to view a promo video for this campaign.


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