5 sisters and a spectacular Shabbaton

5 sisters and a spectacular Shabbaton

What do 5 girls from California, Florida, New York, Maryland and Arizona have in common? They are all sisters of children with special needs who are growing up on Shlichus, and last weekend they got a chance to meet each other for an amazing sibling experience.

Last weekend, SibClix, a project of Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe, hosted its second annual Siblings Shabbaton. The program was attended by 5 sisters who were flown in by Yaldei from around the country. The girls enjoyed an incredible weekend full of activities and bonding time.

The girls arrived on Thursday night for a weekend jam packed with fun. On Friday morning, they traveled to Manhattan’s famous Battery Park for lunch at the even more famous Bravo Pizza. They made their way to Chelsea Piers Field House where they got to try their skills at rock climbing and gymnastics.  Friday night davening in 770 was a special treat followed by a meal hosted by Yaldei’s Program Director and his wife,Rabbi Sholly and Nechama Weiser.

On Shabbos day the girls davened at 770 and joined the family of Rabbi Yossi and Libby Chein for a delicious seuda. After the meal they were treated to a fun and interactive workshops and games. During the afternoon, each sister had the opportunity to share their own experiences with one another. The girls visited with family and on Motzei Shabbos had a Crown Heights dinner of pizza, and ice cream from 21 Flavors.

The SibClix Sisters said goodbye to their new friends on Sunday after visiting the Ohel and having a special going away lunch at Sunflower Cafe in Cedarhurst. It was hard to leave after such an incredible weekend, but the friendships that were formed will last a lifetime. The girls keep in touch during the year and are already planning to come again next time! Can’t wait to see everyone at our next SibChat online! The SibClix Sisters had an amazing time and the Shabbaton was a great success!

See some of the feedback from the siblings themselves:

It was really enjoyable to be with girls that are warm, kind, and understanding. The trips were exciting and fun! It was lovely to get away and be with such good friends, and re-energize and come back home with new Kochos that only this program can give. The workshops were interactive, it was really interesting too! In the past few days that I went on this program I feel like I gained a lot. It has truly been a wonderful experience. Thank you SibClix for making this happen! – R.B.

Going to the sibclix shabbaton gets me very inspired. Going to New York with other girls all for the same reason of a special needs sibling makes you feel that other girls your age can be in the same situation.

In addition to that, we go on AMAZING trips!! What Yaldei plans for us is just a crazy packed weekend!

I think that Yaldei has really gone above and beyond for all of this and I want to say thank you! – C.S.

A huge thanks to all those that made this necessary program a possibility. Thank you to Yaldei’s Directors, Sholly Weiser, Dovid Leib Shur, SibClix Sisters Leader Mushka Cohen, and SibClix Coordinator, Layah Shagalow.

Thank you to Chani Weinman for helping chaperone. Thank you to the Weiser and Chein families for hosting us so graciously.

Yaldei is looking forward to our upcoming men’s event, BBQ in Brooklyn at the Green Building on July 7th, honoring Rabbi Avrohom E. Plotkin of Markham, ON.

For more information on SibClix and other Yaldei Programs or to donate please visit www.yaldei.com or call 646-558-5800. Yaldei is a division of Merkos 302.

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