14th Annual CTeen Shabbaton’s “Whenever Wherever” Grand Finale Event

14th Annual CTeen Shabbaton’s “Whenever Wherever” Grand Finale Event

The annual culmination of the action-packed CTeen International Shabbaton, the grand finale banquet is taking place this Sunday at 12:15 Pm Est. 

The invigorating event will center around this year’s Shabbaton theme, Whenever Wherever: Being Jewish is not only for Hebrew school, the synagogue, or home. Being Jewish is part of our identity. It is part of who we are, wherever we are, 24/7. And will feature Jewish teens from across the globe who embody this powerful message. 

The inspirational event will be the climax of the 14th annual CTeen Shabbaton, where over 2,500 Jewish teens from 26 countries around the globe convened in New York for an unforgettable weekend of inspiration, Jewish pride, and unity. 

Be sure to tune in and feel the energy 

Watch Live: Chabad.org/wheneverwherever

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