120 Shluchim Gather in Great Neck

The achdus was palpable during the most recent Kinus Hashluchim of the New York & New England region last week, taking place in the Chabad of Great Neck’s beautiful new facilities.

The day began with a buffet brunch and learning lead by Rabbi Osher Kravitsky of Chabad of Great Neck. Rabbi Shais Taub, noted author and lecturer, followed with a presentation entitled “Guidance for Shluchim in Counseling,” on the topic of addiction and abuse.

​The day continued with a​n inspiring panel​ on​ ​​“Challenging Situations On Shlichus” with Rabbis Nechemia Vogel, Shlomo Kugel, Tuvia Teldon and Kasriel Kastel​, chaired by Rabbi Levi Gurkov. It was followed by a ​fascinating discussion on practical halachic shailos​ ​with ​Rabbi Zushe Winner and Rabbi Avraham Hertz​.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Chairman of th​e​ Kinu​s Hashluchim,​ shared​ powerful words ​on the vital need to maintain the connection between shluchim, ​and Rabbi Shais Taub took to the podium again, this time sharing thoughts and experiences ​on “The Chinuch of Our Children.”

Following Mincha and a group photo, Shluchim convened in the main social hall ​of the Chabad House for the ​Gala ​Banquet​, emceed by Rabbi Zalman Baumgarten.​ ​​

Rabbi Zevi Geisinsky delivered a Dvar Torah, a​fter which Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky​, host of the Kinus and shliach to Great Neck,​ address​ed ​​​​​the crowd. “It is no small miracle that we are sitting in this beautiful Chabad House today. Logically, it makes no sense that we can open our doors. But with the help of the Rebbe, and countless miracles on the long journey, here we are”.

Mr​.​ David Rogelburg told of his family’s journey to Chabad​ ​and their growth in Yiddishkeit. “Other than my wife attending a Jewish day school as a kid, our family had nothing to do with Judaism. ​But when my wife was looking for a Hebrew School for our kids, we found​​ Mrs​.​ Shusterman​, our local shlucha​, and thanks to that connection,​ we have become very involved.”

A marketing guru, Mr Rogelberg gave the Shluchim advice o​n how to better serve their communities. “Rather than ​starting from ​designing​ the​ program​, learn​ first​ what the community needs are​ and your people want.​”

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky​ closed with words of inspiration. “The new building in Great Neck is a towering testimony to our ability as shluchim to achieve what many perceive as impossible. It also reminds us of how much more there is to be done, and the work we need to put in going forward.”

“It was unbelievable to farbreng late into the night with friends and colleagues,​”​ said Rabbi Tuvia Teldon.​ “It is vital for us to recharge and gain the energy necessary to go back home and affect our communities.​”​​

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